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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Another Day in Paradise

Yesterday started at school. I usually teach my class, come home, change out of my uniform and get on with the rest of my day. Yesterday, however, I was still in my uniform at midnight, shortly before I fell into bed.

It was a day of several large, time consuming projects, in the middle of which one kid, who was feigning sickness, had to be picked up from school. At home the same kid was miraculously healed of said sickness and wanted to play the rest of the day away.

After some serious discussions about telling the truth, the kid actually managed to “throw up”. Amazing, truly. I was frustrated and tired but I prefer to focus on the chance at a wonderful acting career later in life, with the chance this same kid might be able to support me in my old age.

Before dinner one of the boys managed to crush Mackenzie's hand in a door. There was lots of screaming. Once that had settled, the already swollen and bruised hand had to be iced and a boy had to be dealt with.

Tucking in Mackenzie I discovered she needed the PE uniform that was in the wash so I had to throw in a load of laundry while I tagged and prepared about 50 items for a consignment sale.

I woke this morning a little tired but ready for a new day...a better one. However, upon inspection of Mackenzie's hand by my mom the nurse, it was determined that an x-ray may be in line.

It was like a repeat of the day before only slightly different circumstances. I taught class and rushed home for Max's therapy. We got the therapist out the door and hopped in the car to drop off the stuff for the consignment sale after which we had 30 minutes to dart back to school, pick up Mackenzie and get to the doctor's.

After and hour and a half at the doctor's, we were sent to the ER for x-rays. Once I signed in and looked at my watch I realized it was already one o'clock and no one had eaten. I called my mom who came to the rescue and took the two little boys to McDonalds.

X-rays taken and no results from the ER doctor, we were finally released so I could get us something to eat. It was 2:30. We got home in time to make it to the soccer field for Aiden's practice, where I received the news from the doctor that they can't see a break but there could be one. We're to ice it, exercise it and if it's still sore on Friday, we may have to do the whole thing over again.

By the time I walked back in the door, it was 5. Barring the hour I was home for Max's therapy, I had been gone since 8:15. I am exhausted.

I'd like to believe this will be an unusual occurrence, that tomorrow things will be back to normal and all will be okay. However, I know this is probably just one small exercise in real parenting. When I signed on to be a parent, this kind of day was in the fine print. And, my guess is that there will be days like this, worse than this, to come.

There will also be days much better than this - great days – days that make you grateful to be a part of the life-giving process. Those are the days that make days like that last two tolerable.

And the best part is that tomorrow will be another day.


Blogger nicole said...

I'm tired reading about it! I hope M's hand is okay. We haven't had too many days like that, but with 4 kids in sports this spring, with practice/game locations in 3 different places, I'm pretty sure we could get there quickly.

8:28 AM  
Blogger Life in the Fifties said...

What I learned, based on the "Love and Logic" parenting books and personal experience is that it is a lose/lose situation to quiz the child about the truth when you both know it's a lie. So frustrating for the parent and a "no way out" for the child.

My "sick" children would be limited to the activities of a sick child - bed rest, darkened room, no TV or video.

We both rested that way, and they learned. For whatever reason, they got the break they felt they needed. (Shall we say they recovered from being sick in the head?) Sometimes their days
are as out of control as ours!

And particularly with boys, they do a lot better if you call a foul or give a yellow card (provide consequences) rather than give a verbal warning! That's a hard one for me, who wants to talk and explain and talk and teach and ......

btw, you did a great job to follow up on the hand - all part of the job and the service! Ice is a mom's best friend.

3:07 PM  

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