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Thursday, March 04, 2010

A Moment to Shine

This has been a year of remembering for me. Being in the classroom again has reminded me how much I love teaching. Helping out with Mackenzie’s play has reminded me how much I love directing.

Today was the dress rehearsal for Julius Caesar and unfortunately, the student who plays Marc Antony was sick. The director instructed me to take back stage duty as well as stand in for Marc Antony in the final scene.

Although I thought I would look hilarious, I agreed. When the final scene began and I walked onto the stage with the bright lights shining in my face, I suddenly remembered that before I fell in love with directing, I was in love with acting.

I towered over those little 4th graders when I climbed onto the chairs to make the famous “Friends, Roman, countrymen” speech. Unable to hold back, I gave it my best shot. And, just like that, it was over.

I don’t have the time it takes to be in a play these days. But today…for my 4 minutes of fame…I had fun.

(Just for the record, I most certainly do NOT want to be in this play tomorrow. I am praying that the poor little guy who really does a pretty fantastic job gets better so he can get the attention he deserves!)


Blogger Faith H said...

And he did great too!!!! He was at the play anyway. He was so strong to just hang in their and do it even though he was sick.

8:56 PM  

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