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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Diva is Born

This morning after class, I hung around to help out with Mackenzie's class play rehearsal. I'm not the director, just more of an assistant.

Today the director was following the script carefully to prompt them on their lines. My job was to watch them on stage and correct their blocking and whatever else needed to be done.

I spent my time saying the following things a lot. "Speak up." "Turn your body to the audience." "How about looking at the person you're talking to instead of the floor."

One little actress, who just so happened to be doing her lines in a British accent (the play is Julius Ceaser), was not only saying her lines, but also telling everyone else how to say theirs. She was also letting them no in no uncertain terms when they made a wrong move or forgot to do something.

Finally I caught her at the end of a scene and gently said, "You know you are not the director. You can't stop the play to tell people what mistakes they are making. Mrs. M will be sitting right in front to do that. And really, if you don't point out the mistakes the audience may not even realize that one is being made. You have to just keep going."

She looked a little stunned but said nothing and went merrily on her way.

When Mackenzie came home from school today, she was chatting up the rehearsal. Finally, with great concern, she let me know, "Mama, X told me at recess today that Y does not like having you at play practice."


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