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Monday, May 18, 2009

Game On!

“How was your day?” I asked Aiden this afternoon as he came in the door from school.

“Good!” he said with enthusiasm. “We celebrated X’s birthday today.”

"What did his mom bring for the snack?” I asked knowing that the class will be celebrating Aiden’s summer birthday on Wednesday.

“Brownies with nuts,” he answered adding, “his mom is the bestest baker in the class.”

“She is?” I said with a little tone of fake hurt in my voice.

“Yes! Those brownies were my favorite thing ever!”

I eyed the ingredients for the chocolate chip cookies he had requested, thinking that this could be very bad.

“You really think she’s a better baker than me?” I tested.

Suddenly, he realized where this was heading. “Well I mean she’s the bestest in the class besides you. I wasn’t counting you,” he said ever so wisely.


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