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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Checking In

Man, where has the time gone? Can it be that I have left this blog so lonely this week? How did I let that happen? Hmm...

Well, Wednesday we were still recovering a bit from the surgery. I had some MAJOR shopping trips to make (think Sam's club and actually NEEDING Dawson to help push the cart). I made dinner for two other families and took the family to my brother Brian's team's state tournament soccer game.

Thursday I spent preparing the food for Nelson's birthday dinner. I had lunch with my brother Aaron, who was in town. We went to Aiden's soccer game and dinner at my mom's with the family.

Friday was Nelson's birthday, which I failed to mention here since I was busy cleaning the house, cooking dinner, having therapy with Max, having both families to eat and then hosting a bigger party for Nelson.

Saturday's highlight was a nap to recuperate from the late night the night before, which, I discovered I am way too old for but still not ready to admit it yet. It also included a Mommy date with Aiden at a baseball game.

Today we went to a baptism, the reception and ended the day with an impromptu picnic in the backyard.

Not an entry so to speak as much as a reminder to myself about where I've been this week. When I get around to posting some pictures from the above events, I'll share some thought on all of it. As for now, I feel the need for some more recovery sleep!


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