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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Saturday I took Aiden to a Greenjackets game because he earned himself a free ticket by reading a number of books. The deal was that those who participated in the reading program got a ticket to the game at which they would be invited onto the field to run the bases and then say their name and school into a microphone at home plate. Aiden was VERY excited!
What actually happened is that the kids were quickly ushered onto the field where they walked from one gate, behind home plate to another gate on the other side - no bases, no microphone, not even so much as a "Congratulations!" from the rather lame attendant who passively handed them a certificate.

It was so sad to see them stand there, certificates in hand, waiting for their big moment that never came. Aiden was DISAPPOINTED to say the least. Just look at his face.
Well after picking a front row seat for the game and having a hotdog in hand, he settled into the game and forgot all about that. I really expected him to watch the first three innings and be ready to go. Nine innings, one rain delay and three hours later he was still loving every single minute.

It was the perfect date – a mom and her son at the ball game. It was so rare to have just Aiden with me. It allowed me the opportunity to answer every question, laugh at every joke, offer a totally dedicated lap to sit on. We sang every song, stomped for every good play and even busted out the German Chicken Dance. To top it all off our team came back from a 6 run deficit to win 9 to 7, including one homerun. It was a grand night.

I'm not sure if Aiden will remember this night years from now, but I will never forget it.


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