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Thursday, December 13, 2007

This Year's Christmas Pageant

Dear Mackenzie,

Tonight was the Christmas Pageant. Unlike last year's program, this year you were in among the crowd. Regardless of the role you play, I was every bit as proud of you this year singing with your class as I was when you did your solo.

I loved watching your face in full concentration and your cute mouth opening wide to let the joyous songs burst forth. I also loved seeing your sly little grin after every song you sang. I can tell how much you love it.

I hope you always love music like you do now. I hope you always love to perform and let your gifts shine. More than anything else, I hope you always know how proud I am of you, just for being you.

Great job tonight! Of all the angels I heard tonight, you are the one closest to my heart. I love you, Mom


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