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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pondering Mary

Three years ago at Christmas, Dawson was a mere 2 months old (Aiden was 17 months and Mackenzie was 4). It was an especially meaningful Christmas because I had an infant in my arms. I felt really in tune with Mary.

This Christmas, being pregnant has helped me do this even more. Whatever my pains, Mary had it worse. She was a teenager engaged to a man she didn't choose and pregnant with the Son of God. Imagine the stares she must have gotten around town. And you want to talk about uncomfortable, think about a few days' journey on the back of a donkey in the final days and moments of your pregnancy. Of course there's also the whole natural child birth thing...in a stable.

She must have been so scared. Imagine all the fears of a normal parent magnified by the knowledge that your son is the Son of God. What wisdom would you possibly be able to give Him?

It makes me grateful that in some small way, those of us who are open to life have the same opportunity to say yes to God. The circumstances are not quite as overwhelming but it's a yes all the same. God allows us the chance to be co creators with Him and every time, no matter how hard or easy, the result is a truly awesome miracle that we are privileged to hold in our arms.


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