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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Fantastic Framing!!

It's been months and months of slow progress on the house. The last post was about the beams. You can see by the date of that post how long we've been waiting. It's been one nightmare after another. I stopped my daily and weekly drive bys to watch it take shape. It was just too disappointing.
Framing was supposed to start Monday. It didn't. It was supposed to be in full swing yesterday. I drove by at 1:30. It wasn't. Nelson sent me a text message to drive by the house on my way to the Penance Service. I didn't. I just didn't need one more thing to confess if you know what I mean. But, after the service he talked me into it.

For the first time in FOREVER it actually looks like a house might really stand there one day. I actually walked around the "rooms". I felt like a kid in a candy store.

The framers say they'll be finished in 9 days. I asked them if they did anything else...like sheetrock, painting, electrical...anything that they could get done in 9 days. For today...maybe for this week...I am going to relish in the progress. I drive by daily now. I giggle like a kid at every new wall. This is EXCITING!

May it go this fast from here on out. Hip, hip, hooray for the framers!!


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