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Thursday, October 09, 2014


One of our favorite beach traditions is playing Bingo. Sounds funny I know. Here's the thing. The prizes are really nice. In the past, we've won things like a free large pizza, gourmet cupcakes, and kayak tours. With six of us playing, the odds are in our favor for walking away with a least one prize.

This time I was the first one to get Bingo. The prize - a free ticket for a Pirate Cruise. Aiden won this prize several years ago and loved it and the two little guys hadn't had a chance to go. Mom and Dad graciously agreed to buy a ticket so that both Dawson and Max could go.

I was a little leery of the experience. My favorite thing about the beach is not having to be anywhere at any specific time so the thought of getting everyone showered, dressed and ready for this outing in the middle of the day seemed a tiny bit inconvenient. Funny how the beach mentality changes everything.
 I'm glad I got over my lazy, beach self. The cruise was so much fun. The pirates were superb and the boys had a blast.

Thanks Mom and Dad for yet another wonderful memory!


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