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Monday, October 20, 2014

Sunday Fun Day at Six Flags

My brother Kevin shot me a text sometime last week asking if he could make good on a promise to take Mackenzie to Six Flags. Of course, that meant that someone would have to get her there.

I tried to pawn it off on Nelson. He has a business associate in Atlanta and I suggested he drive Mackenzie up and meet with the guy. Nelson, however, is not a fan of driving or theme parks so it was a hard sell. I told him that if I took her, that would mean he would be here with all the kids. He felt it was a fair trade.

When I told Kevin that I would bring her, he said he'd buy my ticket so that I could go to the park with them. I couldn't remember that last time I had been to Six Flags, so I let him.

Though I was excited to spend the day with my girl and my brother, I was nervous. I love roller coasters. I always have. However, the older I get, the less they love me. These days I get nauseated swinging next to the kids in the backyard. Throwing up at a theme park is not top on my list of ways to spend a Sunday (or any day for that matter).

Mackenzie begged and Kevin egged me on. I figured, if I was going to be in the park, I had to at least try to ride the things.

We went on every ride. They were super exciting and worthy of a few screams. I got nauseated every single time. Thankfully, we had to wait in line for most of the rides so that gave my stomach time to settle before I put it through the same thing again. However, at the end of the day, when we started to ride a few for the second time, my stomach had had enough. I sat the last one out.

Unfortunately, it was Fright Fest at Six Flags so when the sun went down, the zombies came out. Let me just say that sitting out a ride in order to settle your stomach is not helped AT ALL by a zombie jumping out at you. Didn't help...not at all - but I already said that didn't I. Said zombie was very, VERY lucky I didn't throw up on him.

All in all though, I'm very glad I went. It was a great time with two of my very favorite people. I can also now list all the newest and scariest rides in the "been there, done that" column so that they can be avoided until Uncle Kevin decides to torture me again.


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