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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Go Angels!

 Mackenzie's JV volleyball team came in first place in their region, and today was the regional tournament. They were playing for the championship in Atlanta and I knew I needed to be there for her, so Nelson graciously agreed to stay with the other kids.
I made the three hour drive with three other moms. Our time together in the car was almost as fun as cheering for our daughters. The girls arrived to find out that they had to play back to back games after that long drive. Not exactly the way it's supposed to go for the first place team.

They handled themselves with grace and maturity that went far beyond their young years. They beat the first team pretty soundly and had the entire gym cheering against them for the second match.
 In the first game of this match, Mackenzie served eight serves in a row. It was amazing to think that just last year, she couldn't serve overhanded. They won that first game but then lost steam and ended up barely losing the match. I honestly believe that had they had a break between their matches, they would have won. Oh well, second place is not too shabby.
 Sports keep us very busy in an already busy life, but scenes like the one above remind me why we put up with the all of the inconveniences of practices and games. Sports build character and unity among the players. These girls have been in school together for nine years now. They still love each other. They support and encourage one another. It is a worthwhile investment.
Good job Angels on a great season! You played hard and finished strong. I am so proud of all of you.


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