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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

To Tweet or Not To Tweet

Hi, my name is Amy and I'm technologically challenged.

There. I feel better.

Don't get me wrong, I can do things I need to do - text, email, blog, upload and the like. But if something goes wrong my first line of defense is a text to Nelson, who is a technical guru. He not only can make things work, he understands how and why they do.

This is information that my brain does not have room for. I need that valuable real-estate for things like remembering what everyone wore for their last portraits so they aren't all wearing the same thing for every picture. You know, the important stuff.

I joined the social networking scene way later than most because I thought this Facebook thing was for college students, not moms of four. My main reason for doing this was to keep in touch with my brothers who are all younger than me.

A few months ago I was coerced into joining Twitter for the same reason. I'm still figuring this out. I have burning questions like what thoughts go on Facebook versus Twitter. Since I have way more Facebook friends than Twitter followers, shouldn't I post to both? If I do this, will people who follow me both places think I'm boring? Do I really need to put this much thought into this?

That being said, I basically follow my family, one political site and ThePioneer Woman (her blog is full of great recipes, beautiful pictures and witty writing - love her!). Exciting right?

Tonight I jumped into a conversation between my brothers (well, at least I can say I am accomplishing my main motive of staying in touch with them). It went like this:

Bro 1: so...where are we staying?

Bro 2: We be chillin at the Holiday Innnnn

Bro 1: cool...I will be solo

Me: Ok, I'm curious. What you guys be doin'? (note my attempt to be hip with the language yo)

Bro 2: Doin' hoodrat things wif our hoodrat friends

Me: Trying to think of a super cool comeback...then I remembered I'm not super cool.

Bro 1: ha!

Bro 2: retweeted my tweet (how's that for techno savvy language?)

In which case, I'm not sure if I should be honored or embarrassed.

Sometimes it stinks to be the oldest.


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I didn't know you were on Twitter! Find me @keithawynn

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