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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Advent Mix

To say it's been busy is the understatement of the year. I'd love to sit and chat with moms who manage to move through this busy season in perfect peace and simplicity. How is that possible?

We've had several huge events this month - like hosting a dinner/Christmas party for 17 here one weekend, hosting a couples' baby shower for 45 the following weekend, with some football, Social Christmas formal, and client Christmas parties thrown into the mix.

Last week we had our family Christmas party with our support group. We decided to Christmas carol at the local V.A. Hospital and have our party with the vets. How great is that? Fun and service all at the same time.

As we drove to the hospital, I went over the rules with the kids. "These people are soldiers who have served our county and they deserve our utmost respect and honor. You are to speak clearly and look them in the eye when you talk to them. Shake their hands firmly. Thank them for their service."

Our little group gathered with the patients (who I am not allowed to show you) and sang to them. Actually, we sang with them because they happily joined us in the songs.

 Max happily accompanied us on the maraca...right up until the time where he marched across the room to where I was standing and asked where all the soldiers were. He had no idea they wore civilian clothing when they are in the hospital.
When we finished singing, and it was time for snacks, I was so very proud of my boys. Without any prompting at all, they chose to have their treats at the table of the man who was sitting alone. Once they asked him the first question, it was like the Inquisition for the poor guy. "Which war did you fight in? Who won? Did you shoot anyone? Did anyone shoot at you? What happened when the bombs went off? Who started that war? Why? Who won? How did it end?"
And that was only the beginning. I think they wore the poor man out, but they engaged him, looked him the eye and had a meaningful conversation. Mission accomplished.
On the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, some friends invited us over for a fiesta. This was not a feast day I celebrated growing up. I guess Irish-Italians don't know much about this culture. I did find it slightly ironic that I was asked to bring the main dish to a Mexican fiesta.
Guess who played Juan Diego in the play?
A small group of friends and I have been texting back and forth for weeks about how we needed a girls' night out. Alas, they are just as busy as me and dates were few and far between. Then I was inspired. "Hey gals, why don't you join me Tuesday night? Bring your presents and paper. I'll provide the spiked cocoa, cookies and a movie."
Let me tell you, wrapping with friends accompanied by peppermint schnapps and chocolate is oh so much better than taking on that mammoth task alone. Time together with drinks? Check. Sleepless in Seattle in the background? Check (with some "magic" thrown in). One big thing crossed off the gigantic "To Do" list? Check!
Try it sometime.
There are still a multitude of things on the list, but that's okay. The cards may not get out by Christmas, which is not okay by me but may be unavoidable so I'm not going to sweat it...much. Ravioli will be made tomorrow and all will be right with the culinary Christmas list.
Today I reminded myself that Advent is about preparation and that's just what I'm doing. But the Christmas season? That ladies and gentlemen, is for a bit of basking in the glory of the sweet baby who was born to save me. There will be some quiet time. There will be some rest. There will be time with family and friends.
It's going to be great.


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That was so wonderful of your boys to have their treat at the tabel of the man sitting alone like that!! Amy do you have a FB? There's a FB link on my page if you wanna be FB friends!

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