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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Another Shirt Saved From Destruction

Today I was in packing mode. I was on the floor of Dawson's room having him hand me the shirts he wants to wear and helping him pick out the matching shorts. He tossed me his flag football jersey.

"Dawson, this one has a big rip in it. You have a ton of other shirts. Let's pick another one," I prodded.

"Aww, I love this one. I can tuck it in and nobody will see it," was his counter.

“That's a good idea but you don't really tuck in jerseys," I tried to explain.

"Oh! I know! I can wear it so people will know how hard I really played that game."

That, I thought was an excellent reason, but I still sent the shirt back to the drawer. My compromise was not throwing the thing away.


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