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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Answer to One of Life's Biggest Questions (Preceeded by an Appropriate Warning)

You know how they say that kids say the funniest things? It's true.

You know how they also say sometimes you should keep things to yourself? Also true.

I am warning you now that I am about to violate the latter to demonstrate the former and I apologize in advance for offending you, if you’re the easily offended type. If you are, you may want to skip this entry all together.

Mmmhmm…knew that would only force you to read further. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Tonight as I was bathing Max he stood up and pointed to his, uh, "private" region. "Mama, what are these?"

And in one of those parenting moments that you rarely get right, the kind you make in a split second and later regret, I answered quite honestly, "Those are your testicles."

"Oh," he said, completely unphased by the term, "I like to play with them."

As his desire to constantly hold himself became ever clearer, I ventured, "Why?" (Come on, don't tell me that women everywhere don't ask themselves this very question about guys and their fascination with, well, you know.)

"Because," he explained while demonstrating, "when I squeeze them, they move around just like balls."

I’m guessing based on my laugh until I cried reaction that the fascination will not soon end.


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oh my goodness, out of the mouth of babes!

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