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Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patty's Post

Yeah, so it's not St. Patrick's Day, but who says I can't pretend I didn't post this on the 17th?

This year I woke up remembering where I was last year on this day. Oh, how I wish I was back there. What a trip that was!

The day was full. It started with some exercise and my first attempt at homemade Irish soda bread. We donned our green and hit the parade down town. I dropped the kids at my parents and rejoined Nelson and some of his coworkers for a few drinks before having corned beef and cabbage with my folks. One of my dear friends had her 40th birthday party so we finished the day with friends, drinks and karaoke...a dangerously fun combination.

The older I get the less crazy I am about packing my weekends full of stuff. My life lends itself to some necessary down time every once in awhile. However, time with friends and family will always trump rest. I'll catch up on sleep later.


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