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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm On to You Kid

When the kids are going in and out of the house to play, and let's face it, there is a whole lot of going in and out when kids are involved, we make them use the garage door. We have a back door but it opens into our living room and I'd much rather have all the sand, dirt and leaves they drag in with them in our garage and laundry room than my living room.

The kids, however, don't like using that garage door because it requires a whole 30 more steps to reach it from the backyard. I keep the back door locked to remind them of this method of entry we've developed. Consequently, I see a whole lot of sad faces that come to the back door and knock incessantly while I point them in the right direction.

This afternoon, Max came in from playing to get a drink of water. I stopped dinner prep and granted his request. He tugged on my leg and looked up at me with his Puss 'N Boots eyes and asked, "Can I go back outside through the back door," and there was a pause, "because you LOVE me?"

"I love you too buddy, but you still have to use the garage door.”


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