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Friday, February 17, 2012

Seven Quick Takes - Late Edition

1. I'm writing this now in the dark because I'm trying to stay awake until my daughter gets home. I'm not ready for this to be the case since she's only eleven. Didn't think it would be hard to stay awake. Alright, she's out with my mom seeing Riverdance, but I still have to be up to open the door.

2. As I was sweeping the dining room floor tonight I heard someone knocking on something (sounded like a window and not my door) and then yell my name. I know I was not imagining it because Nelson came out wondering what the noise was. I made him look around and he didn't see anyone. Totally creepy.

3. I had lunch with Nelson today. I love that he's my favorite person. I love that it feels indulgent to steal a moment with him in the middle of the day. Also, I loved my calzone.

4. Between 3:15 and 6 today I cleaned out the garage, the front, side and back yards; moved the trampoline; took Max to the doctor; swept the back porch and started the grill; made dinner; and helped the boys prime their Pinewood Derby cars. Those moments of extreme productivity make me feel like Supermom.

5. Watched a few extra kids between preschool and picking up the big kids. On the way home I thought about my two options. Bring the kids home and have the house destroyed or take them all to the park. Called a friend and met her there. Best decision ever!

6. I made a decision today that made me a total hero in the eyes of one son. Okay, so the park wasn't the best decision of the day. Heroic status totally beats park.

7. My baby turns 4 next week. All he wanted to do was to have everyone eat dinner at Chick-fil-A. This, I thought, was a fantastic idea...no cooking, no clean-up, easy. It was the perfect plan...until Aiden informed me that Max's birthday is on Ash Wednesday. Maybe next year.

And, now I'm done with Quick Takes and I'm still waiting. I might pass the time by reading some of yours here.


Anonymous Jennifer said...

Haha..I love these takes!! I was shocked to hear you were waiting up for your 11 year old!! Out with Grandma...love it, and I can relate to the staying up to meet them, years of that ahead of us I guess.
Pity about your daughter's birthday falling on Ash Wed, we're lucky this year to have one of our girls birthday fall on PANCAKE Tuesday...Yummeee!!!
Sometimes I wonder did I subliminally plan all my pregnancies to overlap with lent and Good Friday so I'd be exempt from fasting?? Oh I hate fasting, then again, it's supposed to be a sacrifice. :-)
Jennifer x

1:44 PM  
Anonymous jen said...

Can you delay the birthday dinner a day or so?

2:24 AM  
Blogger Amy Parris said...

Jen, I took him to Chick-fil-A for lunch yesterday, just the two of us and it was a very special time.

Jennifer, we didn't do pancake Tuesday, but we did have French Toast on Ash Wednesday:-). I'm afraid the only one who felt that meal was sacrificial was my husband. Somehow I think we found the balance between celebrating a very important event and beginning our season of sacrifice.

9:53 PM  

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