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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Blessed Be the Name of the Lord

Apparently, three surgeries in a week’s time are not good for blogging. It's been over a week; but considering what that week looked like, I gave myself a little pat on the back for pulling out the computer at all.

It started last Tuesday with the first (of many says my doctor) vein closure surgery. I've struggled with what I thought was one really bad vein since I was pregnant with Max and it's gotten progressively worse with time. Last summer, when I finally decided that it wasn't selfish to see if something could be done about it, I began a nearly six-month process that led to Tuesday.

The procedure is really not that big of a deal. It’s a simple day surgery that you're out for but are up as soon as it's over. You actually walk off the table, get dressed and go back home. Only when you've never had a real surgery (other than my wisdom teeth out and a growth removed from an eye-lid), it’s a little scary. Combine that with the fact that my surgery was scheduled for 4:15 AM (seriously!) at a surgical center 20 minutes away, and it made for pure exhaustion.

The day of the surgery I'm not allowed to drive or cook but other than that and the exhaustion, it wasn't too bad. The next day I was up and back to life with the help from some prescription compression hose (please don't be jealous of my stylish tan stockings that make me look like I'm 80). These things are no joke! It takes several minutes, some awkward movements and strong jerks to get the things on. The best part is taking them off at night, which, by the way, requires all the same moves as putting them on.

Thursday we had to pluck Max out of bed at 5:30 AM to have him at the hospital by 6 for his surgery at 7:30. He did great but coming out of anesthesia required total supervision. We were both wiped out.

Friday I made my first trip to a chiropractor. I feel like I've tried everything else for my muscle problems when running that it couldn't hurt to try. During the consult he assured me he could help and showed me several testimonials from runners just like me who are now running without pain. Nelson and I figured we were already going to meet our out of pocket by the end of the month so why not?

The only problem was that this first appointment involved x-rays which revealed a problem slightly bigger than a sore leg and back. When he put up the pictures, I knew exactly what I was looking at without him saying a word. First the lower back picture went up with a spine curved to the left and then the upper back image went up with a strong curve to the right. Together they made a lovely looking S-shape that showed me my scoliosis has returned. I actually felt slightly relieved to know that there was a physical reason for all the pain I've been experiencing.

This Tuesday I had surgery number two on the other leg. This time they were merciful and set the surgery for 5 AM. I am so not a morning person. I did better this go around and didn't sleep the whole day away. And this leg actually feels better than the first so that was nice too.

Today Max and I both got our stitches out and I think we're done with the plastic surgeon and I don't have to go back for more leg stuff for six weeks. Tomorrow, however, I'm having a few more tests and images done to see how we can work with the whole back issue.

I feel like I've been pretty blessed my whole life. We have experienced great health for the most part. We've had a few visits to the E.R., tubes in ears, a brief hospital stay, but other than that just your run-of-the-mill stomach bugs and colds. We thank God often for the health we've been given.

So what are we doing now that the tables have turned slightly? Well, we're still thanking God. I'm thanking God we have the means to hopefully fix the pain of the bad veins in my legs. I'm grateful that my surgery coincided with Max's. He was able to see mommy have surgery and stitches days before he did. We talked it up big and told him how cool it was to have stitches. It helped him to put him at ease about his. I even got my stitches out before he did so I could talk that up too. I was so worried that Aiden would wonder why God allowed him to have scoliosis when He healed mine. Now I can show him we both have the same thing and he'll be okay.

Of course, I'm hoping that besides the other vein surgeries I know are coming, the rest of the year will be less involved health-wise for us. A few normal check-ups here and there will be nice thank you very much. But if it's not, I will thank God that they happen in a year when we've already met our deductibles.

I am, in the midst of all this, developing an even deeper appreciation for poor old Job. He is the man in the Bible my heart always went out to. He did nothing to deserve his trials but he walked through them with a grace I pray I get. His was not a prayer made lightly. And these days lately, I've been praying with him. "The Lord gives and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord."


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I've been wondering how everything went. I'm glad everyone is recovering well. I hope you can get some resolution for the scoliosis.

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