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Thursday, February 16, 2012

God's Little Gifts

In my experience I've found that people tend to enjoy the things they do the best. If you take a look at your kid's report cards, he usually has the highest grades in the subject he likes the most.

As adults we gravitate towards the things we do the best. Of course, life does not always hand us only the things we do well. Some things we have to learn. Some things we never really get a handle on. A lot of things we have to do because they need to be done.

For instance, I mop my floors not because I'm good at it or I love it, but because if I don't the house will be infested with bugs and I'd hate that. I don't love running and I don’t do it well, but I do it anyway because I need exercise in my life.

Sometimes though, it seems as if all the stars align and you get the chance to do something you're good at and you love and you have so much fun you could almost burst.

Those moments are God's little gifts.


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