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Monday, October 17, 2011

A Short View from a Short Season

I mentioned briefly that we entered the world of school team sports this year. Mackenzie played on her middle school's volleyball team and loved it; even though she had never touched a volleyball before the first day of school at the team's first practice. Needless to say, the team's record was a little less than stellar.

They did win one match and that was totally exciting. It's funny how much you appreciate the little things when the big ones don't come easy. Every point earned was a victory for us.

I'm glad she did for all the reasons team sports are good for kids. It was a great chance for her to spend time with the other girls in her class (almost every single girl was on the team...small classes at our school). It was also fun for me to chat with the other moms in the stands. Of course the boys thought it was wonderful to attend the matches. Snacks, running up and down bleachers, playing in the courtyard of the school, and even cheering on their sister turned out to be super cool to them.

Having worked with these girls for the last several years, I couldn't get over how much older they looked the first time I saw them on the court in their uniforms. I also found myself exceptionally grateful that our conservative school frowns on the "spankies" worn by the other teams. If you're not familiar with this type of uniform, imagine the girls playing on the court in their underwear and you've got the picture.

I'm so proud of my anti-competitive (no idea where she gets that trait) girl participated. She gave it her all and improved a lot over her short season. I can't wait to see what she does next year!


Blogger nicole said...

My oldest is playing volleyball this season too. She plays on a rec team but all of the girls are in the 4th grade at her school. Thankfully they can wear whatever shorts they want, so she is wearing basketball shorts for now. I figure I will not rush to wear the tight shorts until they are required. So glad y'all had a good season, even if winning was elusive.

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