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Friday, April 01, 2011

Magical Moments

Tonight I was in the car with the four kids on our way back home from watching my brother Brian's soccer team play. It was late and what I hoped for after 2 hours at the game was a nice quiet 20 minutes in the car.

What I got instead was the normal barrage of questions. What do they get when they win the game? What is their record? Have they ever won the tournament? Every answer simply led to another question.

In our conversation they learned about Uncle Brian being voted coach of the year last year. They learned what a big honor that is and why he received it. That led to the fact that Dampa (my dad) was also coach of the year at the collegiate level in the NAIA. Suddenly that was an even bigger deal. Next they wanted to know how he was such a good coach and what sports he had played. Before I knew it we were discussing how my dad had coached my mom's little brother's basketball team. Is that how they fell in love?

By time we got home, they knew who invented basketball, what country that happened in and were on their way to having me find out the first team sport ever invented.

We were pulling into the driveway by this time and I was suddenly hit with the magnitude of this conversation we stumbled into. Instead of a few moments of peace and quiet, I had given my children a piece of their history. Through their curiosity they had uncovered unknown facts about people they see on a daily basis somehow making them a bit more magical.

I was suddenly glad that they had asked all those questions. I was so grateful I didn’t give in to the temptation to ask them to be quiet. I felt honored to pass on a bit of their family history in the process. And like my kids, tonight I felt the magic in the air.


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