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Friday, March 11, 2011

Quick Takes - Really Fast Edition

1. I am going to Las Vegas tomorrow.

2. This morning, at 1 AM, I found myself wondering why in the world I felt it an absolute necessity to clean out my pantry before my folks arrived to watch the kids. Keep in mind that these are the folks who live about a mile from me. My mom comes over daily to watch the boys while I teach and has seen my house and its best and worst.

I knew all this. I understood her when she asked me please not to clean up for her. I did it anyway. At least now I won't have to worry about one of them breaking a leg as they trip over the napkins strewn across the pantry floor.

3. Tomorrow I will leave the house around 7 AM to go to Las Vegas.

4. I stand by my mantra that states, "It is much easier to live your life, than to try to have someone else fill in for you." I never realize quite how crazy my life is until I try to write it all down for someone else. Carpools and lessons and soccer games...oh my!

I'm happy to report my lesson plans are done, subs are in place, carpools are coordinated and yes...pantry is clean.

5. I'm leaving my babies for an entire week to go to Las Vegas TOMORROW!

I cannot tell you how tremendously grateful I am to have parents willing to take on this mammoth task. Please pray for them this week and if you live nearby, check to make sure they are remembering to breath.

6. In the annals of everything electronic in my house is falling apart; we have added to the list our television. Seriously, I think we need some deliverance. Washer, cook top, microwave, heating and air system and now television - what's up?

Interestingly enough, we decided weeks ago that our family would give up television for Lent so I was actually thinking the timing was kind of perfect. That is until my folks came over for brunch on Sunday and my dad mentioned to Nelson, "Um, you are going to have that fixed by next week right?"

It cost us exactly $65 to have someone come to the house and count the number of times the light on the TV was blinking (I need his job). The estimate came back at close to half the cost of the TV, so Nelson spent time yesterday buying a new one.

Now my kids are salivating over the new addition that they cannot watch for 40 days. God has a funny sense of humor.

7. Did I mention that tomorrow I get to go to Las Vegas with my best friend in the world? My life is good!

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kind thought floating to the house on getzen street...

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