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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just Dropping In

Well, I made it back from Vegas. We had such a good time; I didn't want to come home. Truth be told, it wasn't necessarily that I wanted to stay in Vegas, although there are still things I didn't see or do that I'd like to. It was simply that I was away. There was no real schedule, no carpools, no alarms, no telephones ringing or doorbells chiming. I didn't do a stitch of laundry or cleaning or cooking. The biggest decisions I made every day were what to wear, where to eat, and how long I wanted to lie in bed.

See why I didn't want to come home?

I have pictures to show and stories to tell but no time to do either just yet because I fly to DC Thursday to meet my baby brother and run his first half marathon with him. Crazy I know, but keep in mind that when I signed up for this race back in November, I had no idea we'd be going to Vegas or that it would be the week before the race. Such is the story of my life. I'm not complaining mind you.

Before I leave, I have a lot to do. So, telling Vegas tales will have to wait. Although...you know what they say about Vegas:)


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