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Monday, September 06, 2010

The Times, They are a Changin'

Wow what a whirlwind of a week it was and this week, I'm sure, will be no different.

Here's kind of how it went:

Met with principal and teacher and accepted a job as a part time (12 to 3 daily) 4th grade (not a mistype) teacher.

Met with Resource Coordinator at another school and accepted a job as an academic coach (2 hours a week).

Washed, dried, ironed, put away and labeled every single item in every single stack.

Got kids' things ready for school. I am not ready to teach.

Nelson decided Thursday that we would go to the beach with his cousin and kids for one last hurrah before school.

Got everything packed and loaded before he came home Friday. Had loads of fun (pictures and stories to follow) but got not one stitch of school work done.

Pulled into town tonight at 5PM and had the kids bathed, fed and to bed by 7:30. All suitcases unpacked and put away.

Took the crib out of Max's room and moved toddler bed in. Got my officially potty-trained 2 year-old tucked in and asleep before he could even consider getting out of bed. Thinking right now this is a wonderful plan.

Still am not ready to teach FOURTH GRADE.

Sitting here thinking that my life has suddenly gone topsy-turvy - new jobs, new Kindergartener, new toddler bed, new 10 year old. Hoping I can handle all of this change at once but chest is seriously tightening as I type.

Really leaving RIGHT NOW to go over my one day's worth of lesson plans for tomorrow.

When I have time to breathe, I'll fill you in.


Blogger nicole said...

Lots of changes, but it all sounds exciting. I'm sure you'll be given the grace you need to get everything done.

11:17 AM  

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