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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Love is All Around

Max has kept a very one track mind where love is concerned. If he is telling me he loves me, he says he doesn't love anyone else. And, while the selfish side of me every once in awhile almost wants that to be true, I have been trying very hard to convince this cutie that it is absolutely okay to love more than one person at a time.

This morning he came into my bathroom, and as he does so often, walked right over to me, wrapped his arms around my leg and told me, "I love you Mommy," in his sweetest voice.

"Oh," I gushed, stopping what I was doing to hug him back and tell him, "I love you too!"

"And," he continued, "I love Daddy."

"That's great buddy."

"And," he said, not quite finished, "I love Kenzie...and I love the kids."

"I know you do Max and I'm so glad," I assured him.

"And," he added one more time, looking at me with his big baby blues, "EVERYBODY loves me!"

I’d say lesson well-learned!


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