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Monday, July 26, 2010

Sweeter Memories

Everyone we met at the pool commented on what an amazingly happy little guy Max is. "Is he like that all the time?" they would ask me. "Yes, as a matter of fact he is," was always my response.
We loved spending time with family. I loved watching Mackenzie play with my niece. She is going to be a great babysitter.
Love, love, love this picture. I look at it and wonder how I captured this moment in time. And then I look at it again and wonder how I am blessed enough to have these great kids.
We took the kids on the traditional fishing trip and, on par with tradition, there was a total of one fish caught between the lot of them.
We did catch a few turtles and an amazing looking dragonfly.
And then we caught sight of this guy. We thought it was kind of fun until the ranger came up and told us he was a nuisance who had eaten some dogs. Then he added, "They can't differentiate between animals and small children."
"Um...guys...let's back away from the shore line okay."
Fish or no fish, time with Papa is always priceless.
This is what our crew looked like each day as we waited for the Harbor Town Trolley to take us to the beach. You can't beat it. Wet, sandy mess in someone else's vehicle is my idea of a great beach ride. Open air trolley with no car seats was Max's idea of one of the most fun things about the beach.
My brother-in-law found a good way to keep my guys together and in one place for a few moments at least.
Waves as high as my head made for some way cool boogie boarding. And I was a TOTAL kid on that board. Smile plastered to my face, squeals of glee escaping my salty lips, a bathing suit full of sand from the ride all the way to the shore, and then an ungraceful roll to standing while turning to head back for more shouting, "That is SO MUCH FUN!"
Of course there was lots of castle building, but the one that got the most comments from strangers was this one which successfully had a river running through it. Very cool.
The day Max got his finger smashed ended with the traditional family meal out. When the hour got late, Nelson opted to bring the little guy home to get some rest...only our condo was locked so they crashed at the other one. When we got back this is what I found. Max was passed out, injured hand still straight and extended. But, oh my gosh, how cute can he be? The big guy is pretty okay too.
This is it. A picture of what it's all about. A moment of sweetness frozen in time. Sun kissed cheeks sprinkled with freshly sprouted freckles, big blue eyes sparkling with joy, bodies smashed together while they still like each other a lot, one hand bound in week three of the splint and another held stiff in pain. My life, my kids and I am totally loving both.


Anonymous Bama said...

Love the pictures! Sure happy to have everyone back safe! Also happy to see you blogging again. I've missed them!

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