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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Twelve Wonderful Years!

Two weeks ago, Nelson told me to keep our anniversary weekend free, but he wouldn't tell me why. Yesterday we left the kids with his parents and he whisked me away to the Wilcox Inn in Aiken.

It is located about 30 minutes outside of Augusta which meant we didn't spend much time getting there but we still felt like we were getting away. It was wonderful.

We arrived to find we had been upgraded to a deluxe suite. We got our suits on, grabbed some drinks, a newspaper and magazine and headed to the pool...where we spent the next 4 hours. We talked, read, swam, napped, relaxed and then repeated.

We went inside only because we had dinner reservations at 8:30. We ate in the inn's quaint restaurant, complete with live music and candlelight. We had a man at the table next to us take our picture. He was a part of a two couple group who had both been married much, much longer than us. They celebrated with us anyway...even though it took him several tries to get this half-descent shot.

This morning we woke up on our own time. Nelson grabbed us some plates from the breakfast buffet and brought them to the room. Then we went out to the pool where we did some more relaxing.

I love that I love being with my husband more today than I did on the day I married him (and I didn't think that was possible). I feel so blessed to be married to the man of my dreams. I am overwhelming grateful for the life we've had together and can't wait to see what the future holds.

Nelson, thank you for the last twelve years, the last two days and for the years to come. I love you!


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