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Friday, February 12, 2010


I was told by my students in class today that it WAS going to snow. Sure, I told them. No really, they insisted. There was a 100% chance. By this afternoon we will have snow, they assured me with certainty.

And now as I sit here by the window, I find that they were indeed right. It has just started to really come down. I mean I can see it falling from the sky. It's truly amazing!

Like all good Southerners, all the kids in the neighborhood are outside with their coats on and their tongues out. I can hear the screams of excitement. They are chanting, "It's SNOWING!"

It's beautiful. Snow is a wonderful thing down here in the south. We NEVER get it and so it is novelty in its purest form. Everything and everyone stops. We go outside and dance. We huddle inside by the fire with cocoa. We sit by the window and stare.

Excuse me now while I go outside and take some pictures of them playing. In fact, I think I’ve got some playing to do as well.


Blogger Kelly said...

That's the thing down here in Georgia - The adults play as much as the kids! So beautiful!

7:49 AM  

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