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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Loaves, Fishes and Lasagna Noodles

Tomorrow night we are having our parish priest over for dinner. I had a plan that involved making a dinner that I could make ahead of time because I have a field trip with my class tomorrow and will be gone most of the day.

When I checked with Nelson about the budget, he asked me to wait until tomorrow to shop. That totally threw me off my game. Tomorrow I have time to clean up the house, not clean up, shop and cook. Sure I could have cleaned up today, but let's face it, when you have kids that's pretty much a pointless activity until the day of the event.

As I ruminated over how in the world it was all going to come together, I began to see that my attitude was not helping things. After all, I could readjust my menu. I could clean today and try to keep it that way until tomorrow night. Most importantly, I could pray for peace and trust God to work it all out.

When I got home from teaching I walked around the kitchen not knowing quite what to do. I finally decided that at the very least I could get out my recipes and make my shopping list to expedite that part of tomorrow. As I began to scour my pantry, refrigerator and freezer I began to find a few of the things I needed. Hmmm...maybe I could prep half of the meal. By the end of my search I had found every single ingredient I needed to make the main course and salad dressing, as well as the dessert

I stood in my pantry literally cheering. The boys at home gathered to see what all the commotion was about. I requested a high five from Dawson and Max and shouted, "Thank you Jesus!" I was so excited I even called my mom and shared the good news with her.

As I hung up the phone I realized I was shaking. Tears came as I thanked the Lord again for His goodness. I stood there realizing how much God loves me. I did nothing to deserve this blessing and yet He gave it to me. In fact, I didn't even ask Him for it. He just read my heart and did it anyway.

To anyone without faith, the events of today would be merely circumstantial. At best, some may say I was really lucky. But for me, what happened today was nothing short of a miracle. It was God's providence showing itself in a tangible, undeniable way.


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Yep, I've had that happen before, and all I can think is how much He loves me to do those little things. Praise God!!!

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