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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Travel Prayers

I think that one of my favorite things about running is the drive to the run. Most of the places the training group uses are a good thirty minutes from my house. I know it’s not practical to drive 20 to 30 minutes to run a few miles, but I’ve gotten to where I really enjoy it.

It is, on some days, the longest stretch of true solitude I get. It’s so quiet I can hear myself think and many times I can hear God speak. I usually use the drive to pray the Rosary, listen to Christian music, pray or just listen.

When I was single I had prayer times like this on a regular basis. Being married and having children changed that. It has been a struggle at times to spend time with God at all, let alone a whole car ride, run and return ride. So now I am not only drawn to it, I cherish it.

I believe this tiny choice of my use of my time in the car was what opened the door to last year’s Half being such a spiritual experience for me. This year, I will expect no less.


Blogger nicole said...

I need to be more intentional in the music I listen to while running. I have a mix of upbeat Christian songs and secular songs, but just today was noticing how the Christian songs were speaking to me.

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


i really enjoy my commute to work for the very same reason. i had also used the time to say the rosary, but d/c because i didn't think i was doing a good job because of the distractions. however, it is still a very special time.

12:40 PM  

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