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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Little Prayers and Lots of Fun

Yesterday was the Kindergarten swim party - a VERY big day in the life of one little red-headed Kindergartener who lives in this house. He was up, dressed and tapping my shoulder at 6:15. "Mama today is my swim party. Do I need to get in the car now?" I assured him it was a bit too early for that. When I did get up I opened the shades to see a very unpleasant picture; the sky was dark, the ground was wet and the clouds were thick.

"Oh Aiden," I whispered, "I think we need to pray." We checked the weather online and went ahead with the morning. We slathered on the sunscreen even though there was not one single ray of sun. I added a long sleeve shirt to his bag thinking of the frigid water temp with no sunshine to warm him when he got out of the pool.
On the way to school it started to drizzle. "And Jesus," I added to our morning prayers, "please bring the sunshine out for Aiden's swim party and let him have even better weather than Mackenzie did yesterday." That prayer, by the way, did not make Mackenzie feel great but it did comfort a slightly worried Aiden.
On the way home a friend called and I begged her to pray for those little Kindergarteners. Just a little window of sun, I begged God. The party was only from 10 to 1 anyway. At 10 things did not look good. It wasn’t raining, but it did not look good.

And then, right around 10:15 the sun peeked through the clouds and things started looking a little better. By the time I got to the party Aiden was blue but having the time of his life. I slathered on some more sunscreen and then put the long sleeve shirt on his shivering body. He was so cute with his wet, red curls and blue lips.

Later in my prayer group I was sharing with the other mothers how much fun Aiden had at the party. I shared with them how God's answer to this little inconsequential prayer made me feel so very loved. I mean really, in the grand scheme of things, it didn't matter if it rained or not. I'm certain that God had a lot more important things to do than to make the sun shine on that little party.

That being said, God did let the sun shine. He loves Aiden (and me) so much that he answers little prayers like these just to remind us. Doesn’t that make you feel loved?


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