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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Today was one of those days. A doctor's appointment for me, physical therapy and a trip to the ENT for Max, a few carpools, dinner for two other families and Nelson out of town.

There is a surgery in Max's future and possibly in mine (both minor, but surgeries nonetheless). I watched my son struggle to do things that other babies do naturally and then fall down in exhaustion after an hour of hard work. I had a pretty awful experience picking up "easy" chicken for dinner. It was just a busy, busy day.

And then my mom called and asked me to pray for her supervisor's 24 year old daughter and mother of two, who was found dead in her home today. I was shocked and sad even though I didn't know her.

After I prayed for her I suddenly found myself exceptionally grateful for my tiny little struggles. At least I'm here I thought. So one of my babies needs some help, I can hold him through it. So I waited for an hour for chicken - in the grand scheme of things it's just not a big deal.

We can never know when God will choose to call us home. Quite frankly, why He calls mothers of young children is beyond my comprehension. What I do know is that the time we have here on earth is brief. The chances we have to spend with family and friends are precious.

The life we've been given is a gift. And I thank God today for every rotten, stinking, horrible, wonderful, amazing, spectacular minute!


Blogger Kelly said...

That was a beautifully written post. Sometimes it takes something tragic to put things in better perspective. When I'm having a rough day for whatever reason, I try to slow down and think of the things I'm grateful for and it makes those small irritations easier to tolerate.

2:25 PM  

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