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Monday, March 23, 2009

Grateful - Day 27

Today I'm grateful for the excitement and enthusiasm of my 5 year old who had his very first soccer practice today. We have been counting down the days around here since we received the sign up note.

This morning I woke him up by telling him it was soccer day. "I know Mama!" he said with authority and as much excitement as he could muster first thing in the morning. He came home from school asking about it. We tried on the cleats and shin guards with a brief lesson on how to put them on. We found a t-shirt with a soccer player on it as well as some "cool soccer shorts" to go with it.

"Mama," he said as he ran into my room, "it's 1:30!" And on and on it went about every 15 minutes until practice time at 3:30. He was a ball of energy, beside himself with excitement and it was very, very cute.

I found myself wishing I would get that excited about such simple things or even big things - the can't sit still or fall asleep kind of excitement. After watching Aiden today, I think I may the next time the occasion arises. It sure looked like a lot of fun.


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