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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Okay...I have a confession to make...I watch American Idol. There - I said it. And really, I don't just watch it; I'm whole-heartedly devoted to it. I've watched it since the very first season and I'm pretty sure I've never missed an episode.

I've never really told anyone this before because, truthfully, I am a little embarrassed by my indulgent habit. I have spoken to the occasional baby-sitter about it out of necessity (like, "PLEASE don't change the channel if we're recording American Idol!), but other than that, it's been a very quiet addiction.

It was quiet and secret until Monday night when I went to this and I realized that I am not the only person in the world who watches this show. I am also not the oldest one. I am, however, one of the few females who did not feel the need to shriek over the two Davids, who, by the way, TOTALLY ROCKED!


Anonymous jen said...

I admit, I too am an American Idol fanatic. I watched every episode this year. However, this is the first year I've been able to watch since the 1st and 2nd year. Kids...they tend to preoccupy the time. :)
I think the right David won, BTW. The other was adorable and had an awesome voice, but I'm pretty sure he would have been a bit of a single audience kind of guy. Cook has a much wider range of styles. IMHO

And I'm 35, my husband just shakes his head at me about the Idol thing. ;)

10:03 AM  
Blogger nicole said...

I would watch it, but my husband doesn't really like it and I don't like watching TV in two rooms. Also, Husband loves the Biggest Loser and it is on at the same time. We do have a DVR, but it recrods his show. So I usually see bits here and there but never full episodes. We all have our indulgences. :)

11:25 AM  

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