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Friday, March 07, 2008

The End of an Era

Today marks two weeks. Two weeks that two weeks ago seemed to be an eternity are two weeks that have since flown by.

I have been more obedient to my doctor than with the other three combined. I have lived in my pajamas (and so has Max because all the infant boy clothes are packed and at the other house). I have held Max just because he's sleeping...or just because he's awake...or just because he's making the sweetest sounds...or just because he still feels so tiny. I have relished this time (okay, so I fought some guilty demons but I did not give in to them).

This afternoon, before all the kids got home from school, I was gazing at Max in my lap. I want to remember this size, this age, this moment, but know that it will all too quickly slip away. I looked at him and me, still in PJs at noon and said, "Well buddy this is it. Vacation ends today. No more hanging out in PJs and doing nothing all day." He yawned and I watched his eyes slowly close. "Okay," I gave in, "one more nap for the road."


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