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Monday, February 27, 2006

We're Not Perfect

Today in the car the boys and I were listening to a Laurie Berkner CD called Victor Vito. As Aiden and I sang along to the music, I wondered how someone can come up with such silly lyrics and why those lyrics are so very appealling to children. For instance, the title song of this CD starts as follows:
"Victor Vito and Freddy Vasco ate a burrito with tabasco. They put it on their rice, they put it on their beans, on their rutabagas and on their collard greens."

I quickly forgot my deep thoughts as we pulled into the garage and carried on with our day. It was one of those days. Dawson was sick and rather clingy. Aiden didn't nap, was grumpy and so tired he fell and got hurt several times. Mackenzie was so tired she got a bit sassy and teary-eyed as well. And yes, by bed time, I was tired and grumpy too.

Throughout the day, Aiden was singing one of Laurie's songs called I'm Not Perfect. Mackenzie joined in. It was like a broken record.

I'm not perfect. No, I'm not. I'm not perfect but I've got what I've got. I
do my very best, do my very best, do my very best each day. But, I'm not
perfect and I hope you like me that way.

We're not perfect. No, we're not. We're not perfect but we've got what we've
got. We do our very best, do our very best, do our very best each day. But,
we're not perfect and we hope you like us that way.

You're not perfect. No, you're not. You're not perfect but you've got what
you've got. You do your very best, do your very best, do your very best each
day. But, you're not perfect and you know I love you that way.

We all sang that song to each other. By the end of the day those lyrics didn't seem so silly.


Blogger the holly said...

i love laurie! we have buzz, buzz. jim called on his way to work to announce to me that he was singing "the valley of vegetables." ha!

great to see you!

6:36 AM  
Blogger Amy Parris said...

Love that music! Great moms think alike.

1:52 PM  

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