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Friday, February 24, 2006

Two Sides to Every Coin

Before I became a mom, I taught at the school where Mackenzie now goes. My five years there saw me through my single, engaged, newly-wed and 1st pregnancy days.

Back then I loved 1/2 days. I could actually go out to lunch, make it to the gym early, and cook a decent meal for my husband. I never understood why anyone would complain about getting some extra time in their day.

Friday is the one day that both the boys are in school. Once I drop them off, I have a little over 3 hours until I pick up Mackenzie's carpool. This is only the 3rd week I've been able to experience this luxury of time to myself and it is precious.

I had big plans for my day today. There are several projects I've been dying to get to that are not conducive to little hands. I had hoped to go to lunch with a friend and enjoy a quiet, hot meal. I got the call yesterday at noon that Mackenzie would be getting out of school today at 11:50. Then I got a call asking if I could watch the carpool kids for awhile after school let out.

Okay, don't get me wrong. I understand why the school did this. I don't mind watching the extra kids at all. They are easy and currently outside keeping Mackenzie perfectly occupied. I remember how fun I used to think it was to have time off.

Now, however, I understand where the parents were coming from.


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