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Monday, February 13, 2006

A Mother's Prayer

The boys were holy terrors at mass today.

They screamed so loud that I'm sure everyone heard them even though we were in the bathroom. They screamed for so long that I missed the reading, response, Gospel and intentions.

When I finally returned almost in tears I was asking God, "Why?" Why did I bother to come? Why can't they be good for just 30 minutes?

I suddenly remembered that today was the day of month that I have committed to offer my mass intentions for all of the seminarians in our diocese along with praying for more vocations. At once I was glad I had come.

"Oh Lord, I pray for my brother and all seminarians that they grow in holiness and their desire to serve You in the church. I pray for an increase in vocations. In fact I pray that my boys have vocations. Do you think you could recommend to the vocations director that he begin taking them a little early? Amen."


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