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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Every Parris in Parris-ville
Likes Christmas a lot.
And each year it comes quickly,
Whether we’re ready or not.

So in this brief letter we’ll give you the scoop.
We’ll recap the highlights of 2011.
We’ll tell tales of us six. Yes, still six and not seven.

Let’s start with Mackenzie, who’s in sixth grade and middle school.
Having her own locker and changing classes she thinks are quite cool.
She played volleyball and basketball - victorious in just one game.
Thank goodness she handles the academic side with much higher acclaim.
She adores playing with kids. In fact, she’s quite a kid magnet.
She loves art, music and writing, her talents run the gamut.

Aiden’s in third grade and made it to eight.
On January 1st he suffered a terrible fate.
His one leg was impaled, his finger was smashed and his nose got a scar.
I have a feeling that soon I’ll know by first name all the staff in the E.R.
He’s smart as a whip and can throw the football with accuracy and far.
Nelson is dreaming of an Alabama quarterback star.

Next up is our Dawson, the middle of the brethren.
He’s a first grader now and the ripe age of seven.
He’s got front teeth at last, after nearly a year.
He’s a sensitive soul, sharp as a tack, and to me it is clear,
That those qualities work well.
For I’ve noticed he’s garnered the love of every Southern belle.

And of course, there is Max, who is quite nearly four.
He is sweet, he is cute, the babe we clearly adore.
Our baby though he is, he quite often lets me know
That he is NOT a baby, yet, still steals the show.
Each time I see him walk, run and jump…just being a boy,
I’m reminded that he’s a miracle in our midst, the cause of such joy.

In June Nelson and I celebrated being married thirteen years.
Together we’ve experienced many adventures, joys and faced a few fears.
In March his work took us to President’s Club in Vegas.
The sights were amazing. The food was delicious. The rides were high and left me quite breathless.
He’s on parish council and a bank board of directors, but his favorite pastime is coaching the boys.
Football, it seems, is one of life’s greatest joys.

And what happens next?
Well in Parris-ville we say,
That even though we’re all getting older, age is not something we’ll let get in our way.
Since with age comes some wisdom, we see how much God’s blessed us.
We wish you joy in the New Year
And a very Merry Christmas!


Blogger nicole said...

Great photo! And such a clever poem. Merry Christmas!

10:41 AM  
Blogger Amy Parris said...

Thanks Nicole. Was feeling very uninspired this year, but a little prayer and some time to myself finally produced the finished product. It's definitely a labor of love!

4:01 PM  

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