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Sunday, January 08, 2012

It's True What They Say About a Man's Stomach

Tonight as the kids were playing outside, I whipped up some homemade pizza. Since this decision I've tried every pizza dough recipe out there and this summer I finally found the winner. It's easy and everyone loves it.

As the kids trickled in, I was met with, "Mmmm...what's that smell?", "YES pizza!", and, "I love this." I sent them to shower while I put together a salad and used the extra dough to make some really delicious garlic breadsticks.

They came in to plates full of cheesy goodness with a side of veggies and warm bread. We prayed and they dug in. I had to get up to fetch something for someone. Dawson asked me, "You homemade this pizza, right?"

"Yes buddy."

"Did you make this salad too?" he wondered.

"Yes I did," I assured him.

"And the breadsticks too?"

Again I responded, "Yes."

"Guys," he said, "this is SO good. Don't you think? I mean, isn’t homemade so much better than eating out?"


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