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Monday, October 03, 2011

Now This is Vacation

I am currently in Hilton Head Island for the week. We got here Saturday afternoon and have enjoyed every single minute.

Oh to get here was tough. I don't know how you homeschooling moms do it! I actually thought one of my kids may end up in the ER instead of the beach. Oh my gosh, I thought I was going to inflict some serious physical harm. Thankfully, those were brief thoughts that floated through as I reminded myself that the kid had just come home from a full day of school, grabbed a snack and started right back at it. Torture for us all.

Happily, we adjusted and did the bulk of the work before we arrived. We brought a few things to do here and have been chipping away at it and we've almost finished it. I'm enjoying this now because I think we're in the last few years of all being able to pull the kids out of school for an entire week. High school doesn't lend itself to week-long hiatuses.

We arrived here with no stops along the way. We have played cards, Bingo and other games. We have played rounds and rounds of ping-pong poolside. We have gone on bike-rides and runs. We've hunted alligators and fed turtles. We have had root beer floats in the middle of the afternoon and eaten cookies and ice cream for dessert (thus the runs and bike rides). We have put on PJs at 7 and watched movies until 10.

We have not hurried to do anything. We have not made one single solid plan. We have not yelled. We have not gone in a million directions. We have not rushed through meals.

Needless to say, I've enjoyed every waking moment...mostly because those moments come much later in the day than normal. I may blog some and I may not. I will relax, read, and have a few drinks poolside. I will recharge. I will enjoy my family. I will rest.

Thank God for the beach, time off and generous parents with a beach condo.


Blogger nicole said...

So jealous! Sounds like a fabulous time. Enjoy!

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