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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just Another Day at the Zoo

Today, thanks to the generosity of a good friend, we had a great day at the zoo.

We started in the botanical garden. Remember Edith Anne?

The kids loved the aquarium. I loved the faces. Even the tank cleaner in the back got into the action for this one.

Max didn't really understand the piranhas but he posed just like the one behind him.

The animals were at their best with the cooler weather. The giraffes were some of the most beautiful animals we saw.

The kids were mesmerized by the fact that there were baby giraffes.

The gorilla was my favorite of the day. When we walked in, he was sitting with his back against the glass and, while that was cool, we couldn't really see his face. But within a few minutes, he rolled over on his back. He grabbed a branch, scratched his belly and then nibbled on it. He stretched his feet out, crossed them and propped them on the glass.

We got to walk right next to the kangaroos. There were no walls or cages between us. Of course Max jumped right off the path to go to pet them. Luckily, we caught him before he caught them.

I thought the lion fish kind of reminded me of Dawson's hair as it grows out of the buzz cut.

I think the kids' favorite part was feeding the lorikeets.

Even Max got into the action. The bird landed on his arm and I quickly snapped the photo. Then I asked him if he wanted to get the bird off and he looked at me and said, "Uh...yes!"

They loved the farm too. Max said his favorite part of the zoo was milking the cow. Of course the fact that it was not a real cow combined with the fact that the utter, tilted at just the right angle, could also be used as a squirt gun helped.

We also saw a koala awake for the first time ever.

We appreciated this because every other time we've ever seen them, they've looked a lot like this. Which, I have to say, after our full day I was ready to join him.


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