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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Funny

It's funny how things work out. It's funny that sometimes God answers prayers you forgot you prayed. God, I know, has a terrific sense of humor.

There were lots of times this year that I missed doing things with my kids because I was teaching. I missed my Kindergartener coming home every day and I missed doing his homework with him. I missed going on field trips and helping out in the class.

Of course I also gained seeing them in their school environment, watching them at recess and eating an occasional lunch with them. I see them at the end of the school day when it's all still fresh and they still want to talk about it.

So last week, the week before school ended, the permission slips poured in. One had a pool party, one was going to Monkey Joe's, and the other had a manners luncheon...and all of them wanted me to come. Now even though I normally love to volunteer for the end of the year parties, there was no way I could do it this year. The last week of school is not a good time to call in a substitute.

Aiden had the hardest time with my decision. "You haven't come on any field trips. Everyone's mom has been on one but you." I've been around the block enough that I didn't buy into that, but I did think it was sweet that he wanted me to go so bad.

"Okay," I said in a compromise, "how about I'll offer to drive you and your classmates to the pool?" I figured this might make him feel better while also allowing me some time to do my grades.

"Sure," he said with a sigh, knowing it wasn't what he wanted but it was better than nothing.

The day before the party the teacher called me in a slight panic. "Any chance you can stay to chaperone until you have to go back to school? I usually have more parents than I need but this year I have no volunteers."

After a phone call to a dear friend who offered to watch Max (I didn't have the heart to ask my mom who already does so much for us), I was set to go and had one very ecstatic son.
The day of the party the look on his face as I walked into the classroom made the tiny sacrifice totally worthwhile. I didn’t have time to be there but I wanted to be and God had given me the perfect excuse to do it.
Of course when I got home that day and Dawson found out what had happened, I got the inevitable, “How come you went with Aiden, and you can’t come with me?”

I was prepared for this and had talked to his teacher ahead of time. “Why don’t you just drop by?” she suggested. “Bring Max with you. We’d love to have him!”
The next day Max and I joined the Kindergarteners at Monkey Joe’s. Dawson’s classmates were thrilled to have Max and included him in everything. We even had time to join them for lunch at McDonald’s afterwards. Again, it was another beautiful memory made in time I didn’t think I had.
And, now as the year winds down, I find myself wondering how in the world I ended up with so much school stuff to do in the last minute. I’ve been up late scoring tests and averaging grades.
Then I remembered that I had spent my precious free hours with my boys instead of my books. And in the end I’ve decided that God gave me the opportunity to make the better decision and I’m so very glad He did.


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