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Friday, December 10, 2010

Work Christmas Parties Can Be Fun

It's a busy time of year but I always look forward to accompanying Nelson to his client Christmas party. I get to get all dressed up and go out with the love of my life for the cost of a sitter. I get to chat with adults who always say really nice things about my honey and me. And last night I also got to team up with one of Nelson's coworkers for next year's Ironman 70.3...if the body is still road worthy by then.

Every once in awhile you just have to leave it all behind and spend some quality time with your man - one of my very favorite parts of Christmas.


Blogger justme said...

Beautiful picture! Your husband looks like David Wallace :)


7:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's a great picture too. But, I think he looks like Lee Mapp.


3:56 PM  
Blogger Amy Parris said...

Thanks ladies! Wish I had my real camera with me so the quality was better. And, I don't know who he looks like. I just know he looks good to me:)

8:52 PM  

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