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Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Question of Time

Tonight I was taking a rare peek at the blogging world (meaning I checked in on all 4 of the blogs I sometimes read when I have a moment). One of my particular favorites is full of beautiful pictures that the blogger, who is also a professional photographer, takes of her life with her kids. She was talking about how crafty she's been this week and posted pictures of two banners she made, along with her already set for Thanksgiving table complete with homemade napkin holders and pine cone turkey place card holders, a tray she helped her daughter make as well as her ready for Christmas Advent countdown she has hanging on her fireplace.

Suddenly I found myself terribly sad about the lack of crafting I do these days. I looked at those pictures and felt jealous of the time she has to just sit and create things with her kids. I love to craft but these days I don't have time to go to a craft store, let alone make a craft (though I did have my 4th grade class make some turkeys out of paper plates this week and they are totally cute).

Before I knew it, I was wondering what I was doing in lieu of crafting. Maybe I'm spending my time doing outdoorsy things with the kids because I like that too. But alas, I don't remember doing a lot of hiking or bike riding lately...or ever for that matter. Next was the downhill spiral. What do I do? How can I be wasting my time cleaning when I could be creating beautifully photogenic crafting moments with my kids?

I was instantly shaken out of this terribly weird moment of depression by the sound of Max's bedroom door opening followed by the shuffle of sleepy feet. He rubbed his eyes in the light as he mumbled, "Mama..need to go potty."

I scooped him up and carried the little lump into the bathroom. He finished and even though he was still half asleep managed a, "Mama, I'm really thirsty." I got him a cup of water and picked him back up to put him in bed. And then I had my moment. Kneeling at the side of his tiny toddler bed, kissing his sweet cheek and telling him goodnight again as he rolled to the side and hugged his dog, I knew what I've been doing with all my time.

There have literally been thousands of moments just like this: lots of rocking and reading; brushing teeth and serenading; teaching to cook and cookie decorating; training to sort laundry and clothes pile jumping; bathing and hugging. And, most of the time, I am savoring each little moment.

Tonight I held Max for a split second longer than usual because I realized it won't be much longer before I can't do this anymore. I tried to carry Mackenzie upstairs last week and I about fell over when I picked her up. The kid is heavier now than the last time I tried this. Time is short, so tonight I savored this ordinary moment a little longer.

What I've been doing with my time is parenting and I wouldn't trade that for all the crafting in the world.


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