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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

True Love

When you love someone - I mean really, REALLY love someone - you make sacrifices all the time. You make sacrifices that cost deeply. Sometimes they even hurt a little. Sometimes they hurt a lot. When you love someone, however, you don't count the cost or think about the pain. You just do it, because the love you feel doesn't allow you to do anything else.

And sometimes, you make a significant sacrifice and you don't even see it as one. Sometimes you get so giddy about making the sacrifice that you enjoy doing it. After all, it's not about you. When you love someone, you're happy when they're happy. If your love is strong, you actually look for opportunities to sacrifice just so you can try to prove in some tactile form the feeling that lives deep inside of you and is just waiting to explode and hit everyone in the vicinity.

Isn't love great! And being that it's Christmas time and all, well that just makes it all the better.


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