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Monday, November 01, 2010

Little Miracles

This afternoon, when I got home from school, Dawson informed me that he had a book to read to me. Now this is not the first time he's said or done this but up until now it's consisted of books with the sight word for the week along with a picture. Things like "The" and a picture of a book, "The" and a picture of a crayon.

Today however, he was more excited about reading to me than usual. When I sat on the couch with him he pulled out this book and proceeded to read it from cover to cover.

My mom said she read it to him once then he read it to her. It contains words like Savior, shepherd, Christmas and design. I was amazed.

It thrills me that even though this is my third child to watch go through this transformation from recognizing letters to reading real words, it is still every bit as miraculous to watch it happen.

Having children is such a wonderful way to regain appreciation for things and processes that as adults we take for granted. Life is full of little miracles and it’s so much fun to watch them unfold.


Blogger nicole said...

When I get past my impatience with helping my son sound out words I do marvel at the joy and excitement he experiences as he learns to read. And knowing how much I love it, I can only hope all of my children come to that same appreciation.

1:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amy, He is so smart that he probably MEMORIZED it after your mom read it to him. Damma

10:08 PM  

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