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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Augusta Half Ironman

Most people spend their Sundays sinking into the couch while glued to the TV. Not my "little" brother, Brian, and the other 3,400 triathletes who were in Augusta today for the largest event of its kind in the world!

You want to talk about inspiring. Standing there waiting for Brian to emerge from the river, I was moved to tears. Yesterday I struggled my way through a measly 10K and thought about how much it stinks to be conditioned for the long runs but have legs that won't cooperate. Today I saw men who were blind, in wheelchairs, and that had no feet or legs participating in an Ironman event. Humbling and inspiring.

Today I put all that aside and went out to cheer on my brother as he did an amazing thing. He was part of a relay team and swam 1.2 miles then let his teammate bike 56 miles and picked it back up to finish with a 13.1 mile run. Makes me tired just typing it.

We brought the whole family out and cheered on Brian and anyone else who passed us. It was so much fun watching the athletes' faces light up when they ran past the kids’ extended hands and slapped them five.

Today made me proud to be a part of my family. Growing up, none of us ever did anything that someone in the family wasn't there to support us. Every dance recital, band concert, play, volleyball and basketball game on the road or at home, someone came and cheered us on. Mom and dad demonstrated this by their actions and they still do to this day.

Today, those of us who could were there for Brian. We stood in the pouring rain to watch him climb out of the river. We ran several blocks to see him run past and cheer him on. We fought our way through a throng of people to catch a glimpse of him crossing the finish line. We did this because we love him and we are proud of him. We did this because we are a family and it's what we do.

Brian, we love you and are so very proud of you. However, your performance, though admirable, is not what makes us most proud. Your perseverance, your dedication, your positive attitude, your sheer will power is what inspires us. Thank you for letting us be a part of your big day!


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